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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vacation Liberty School is COMING UP! Register now!

Last year we sponsored the first St. Louis Vacation Liberty School in Chesterfield, MO.  As summer approaches we're making schools and other youth-oriented groups aware of the 2012 week-long, half-day camp. 
This summer the program will be held at Westminster Christian Academy on June 18 - 22 from 9:00 am - noon.  Vacation Liberty School (VLS) is organized to follow the model of Vacation Bible School (VBS) in that it is offered for one week in 1/2 day sessions.  However the content of the programs are different and in no way are meant to compete.  While VBS is for younger elementary school age children, VLS has been designed for kids rising into 5th through 8th grades.
VBS focuses on the Word of God and things eternal whereas VLS was developed to teach about earthly concerns specific to America and its founding principles.  The principles of freedom and liberty are taught from the perspective of faith, hope and charity.  In short the curriculum covers the following:
  • With freedom and liberty comes responsibility.
  • Importance of private property and families providing for themselves
  • Our rights come from our Creator - not men
  • Natural Law is the basis for our Constitution
  • Equal justice under the law
  • Equal rights, not equal results
  • Charity provides needed help during times of adversity, but should not enable dependency
  • Liberty is a balance between tyranny and anarchy
  • The difference between a republic and a democracy
  • Founding principles of economic freedom 
  • Ultimate responsibility for maintaining liberty lies with the people
The above curriculum is taught by current and newly-retired middle-school teachers in short segments that are interspersed with games and activities that play out these principles. 
Registration can be done online at www.stlvls.webs.com or via the mail. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Would you like to take a bus to the Restoring Love Rally this summer?

I received an email from some folks looking to put together a bus to the Restoring Love Rally in Dallas, Texas this July. If you're interested, drop them a line!

Hi All,
I would like to hear from those of you who are interested in going to Restoring Love in Dallas this July http://www.mercuryone.org/restoring-love. I have my ticket from mercuryone.org (through Ticketmaster) and I have a reservation at LaQuinta Inn. I had linked up with the Springfield group I went to Restoring Honor with, however they have since canceled their bus. I don't mind coordinating the bus etc. However I need to know that there is enough interest out there. Don't know about you, but I won't travel by plane any more, and I don't want to drive because I get too drowsy. The bus trip to DC was a blast, we had SO much fun. So in my humble opinion that's the way to go. Four of us girls became quick friends on the way to DC and we stuck together the whole trip. We took a cab to the Lincoln Memorial, so I think I would take a cab to Dallas Cowboy's Stadium. Please email me and let me know the following.
[ ] I would go if there was a bus going from St. Louis.
[ ] I might go if there is a bus going from St. Louis There would probably be
[ ] people in my party.
[ ] I would like to stay at the same hotel if possible.
I would like to leave St. Louis on _______________ day or evening?
Return on ______________ day or evening.
My email address is ______________________________________
A good phone to reach me at is __________________________
FYI [My] preferred mode of communication is EMAIL. So don't expect a call from me :-) This is a start and when I hear from you, I will have a handle on how much interest there is.
-Elaine Willingham Tea Party Patriot

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rally for Common Sense May 19th!

Please join myself and many others at the Rally for Common Sense on May 19th in beautiful Holts Summit, MO Purchase tickets.
Saturday, May 19th The Patriot Field of Dreams Holts Summit, Missouri 10:00 am – 6:00 pm *campsite opens Friday afternoon / closes Sunday noon The “Early Bird” ticket price ENDS Saturday, May 5th at midnight. Just 5 days Calling all Constitution lovin’ folks! Let’s get ready for November! We may not have agreed on who the Republican presidential candidate should be. We may not share precisely the same social views. We DO agree on the Constitutional principles of smaller government, a balanced budget, lower taxes and less federal interference in our lives. We the People are comin’ and we want our power back! It’s Common Sense. Join us for this day-long family style event with two stages, nationally recognized speakers, top entertainers, patriot vendors, exhibitors and fun activities for the entire family. We’ll be gathering on private property – known to locals as the Patriot Field of Dreams. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets, sun shades and frisbees, for the most unique rally ever. There is also an adjacent campsite, evening activities and a Sunday morning outdoor church service (non-denominational), which brings this to a whole ‘nother level. Patriot Palooza! * THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS * Tickets not available at the door. Online purchase only. Rain or Shine