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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yes and a ban on murder will stop murder........

Expired Assault Weapons Ban Would Have Covered Rifle Used In Colorado Shooting
And outlawing fire will stop arson.
Outlawing water will stop drowning.
Outlawing kitchen knives will stop stabbing.
I mean really, that's all we need to do-find the offending item and outlaw it. We will then live in a crime free world. Criminals care deeply about what is against the law.


  1. And we see how well it's worked to ban drugs in this country.....ban cars too because you can use a car to murder someone, and anit-freeze and rat poison.
    No one is willing to say it. Life can be risky. Allowing firearms to be had by law-abiding citizens carries a certain risk that some not so nice people will also have access. That's the price we pay in a free society.
    Any liberty comes with responsibilities and risks. To give up liberty for the false sense of security is insanity! Please, tell you U.S. Reps and Senators, don't buy into it!

  2. Touche !
    Common sense is not so common anymore.
    But that is not what they depend on.
    They depend on the stupidity of their supporters from 2008 and their converts (converted with stupidity themselves) to make headway.
    Unfortunately for us, the threat of that possibility increases as time goes by.

    We must turn this around....

  3. Someone might point out, that Islamic Terrorists brought down 3 skyscrapers, part of the Pentagon and four jets w/ nothing but box-cutters and knives.

    Had there been gun-toting 2nd amendment loving patriots like the Tea Party on that plane, they wouldn't have gotten near New York.

  4. I like the one where the kid killed his family with a claw hammer.