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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some insight into how the Special Election will go in MO 8

Bill (and Frieda) give us more good insight into how the special election will be held and how the republican candidate will be selected.
The process for selecting a replacement:

The following process will occur once a vacancy is declared (in this case, it will not be until February):
Once the Governor and Secretary of State are notified of the vacancy, the Secretary of State will have 24 hours to notify the 8th Congressional District GOP Committee.
The Governor will select the date for the election, and according to RSMO 21.110, he must provide at least 10 weeks notice.
Once the 8th Congressional District GOP Committee is informed of the vacancy, the Chairman of the committee will call a meeting of the committee to select a Republican candidate to run in the special election. The meeting must occur within the congressional district, and a majority of members of the committee must attend in person.
This is a very important opportunity for conservatives in the MO 8th. We have several newly elected members in the Congressional District Committee. Because this is a seat that Republicans have had no trouble holding on to, even with a RINO like Jo Ann Emmerson, it would be a real boon to get an actual conservative to serve. 

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