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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When was Jo Annn Emmerson in talks with the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association?

Well, it would appear in this report from the Sunlight Foundation it was just DAYS after her successful re-election to her MO House Seat in the 8th.

On Nov. 19, nine business days after she won reelection with 72 percent of the vote, Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, R-Mo., began final negotiations for a new job with the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, official documents show.
According to ethics rules set in place meant to avoid conflict of interest, Members of Congress are required to file disclosures with the House Ethics Committee and the Senate Office of Public Records within three business days after they begin to negotiate for a future job while they are still in Congress. However, the definition of "negotiation" is left ambiguous and leaves room for "preliminary or exploratory" talks before any report is required. Reports are filed on paper at the ethics committees offices and, while available to the public, are not posted online.
While the stamp date on the document shows that disclosure was filed on Nov. 16, Emerson appears to have signed the document on Nov. 23. The Reporting Group contacted her office and the ethics committee for a clarification and will update this post if more information is provided.
Rep. Emerson also filed another form, dated Dec. 3, to recuse herself from any official matter that would affect the National Rural Electric Co-op. As Sunlight reported earlier, over the past two decades, the co-op has contributed more than $72,000 to Emerson and her husband, the late Rep. Bill Emerson, whom she succeeded in office, as well as another $20,000 to GO JO, Emerson's leadership PAC.
 Oh, color me surprised...... Thanks for wasting our time and for not allowing a truly good conservative candidate the opportunity to serve. This would go right along with what Bill Hennessy wrote just this morning-she knew she was leaving and wanted to secure the seat for a true RINO Establishment Candidate before she vacated the seat.

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  1. Michelle Moore you are right on. And they wonder why the republican faithful has no trust in them and losing more each day.