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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ryan-Murray deal will "Social Security" the TSA

Well if this isn't a laugh-riot to finish the day. And by "laugh-riot" of course mean, "more stupid shit that just won't stop." The Ryan-Murray budget calls for more jingle to be added to the cost of every plane ticket purchased in America so travelers can pay for this stupid travesty of a budget bill:
Murray and Ryan settled on an agreement that would hit air travelers with a fee of $5.60 per one-way flight — or $11.20 for a round-trip excursion. That’s 60 cents higher than the $5.00 fee the Department of Homeland Security requested, and represents a huge jump up from the current $2.50 minimum security fee.
To make this super awesome, conservative, small government math work, even though the TSA is massively un-funded-to the tune of some $5 billion-they felt it would be super awesome to pull a "Social Security" on them and put those additional funds in the general fund, rather than actually pay for the already underwater program.
But the Ryan-Murray deal doesn’t earmark the new revenue for TSA. Instead, the funds will be deposited into the “general fund of the Treasury,” where they are supposed to help partially rollback the sequester and offset the automatic spending cuts set to begin in January.
I mean TRULY, what screams budget-conscience, smart, fiscal conservative, more than tacking fees on to a behemoth program that isn't paid for in order to fund other behemoth government programs that aren't paid for? So if this passes, I'm curious who WILL pay and how exactly will the TSA receive enough funding to continue to operate?

I guess they could pass a special sock fee to offset costs.

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