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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wall Street Journal: ObamaCare enrollment numbers ~negative 4 million

It is quite perplexing why, if the site is fixed and all the state exchanges are working teh awsum, the White House wouldn't be out on every cable channel joyously repeating the super spiffy ObamaCare enrollment numbers. You know, numbers that are ticking by so fast we had to grease the gears on the ticker-thing.
Then again, 41 states posted sign-ups only in the three or four figures, including eight states that run their own exchanges. Oregon managed to scrape up 44 people. Among the 137,204 federal sign-ups, no state is reaching the critical mass necessary for stable insurance prices.
The larger problem is that none of these represent true enrollments. HHS is reporting how many people "selected" a plan on the exchange, not how many people have actually enrolled in a plan with an insurance company by paying the first month's premium, which is how the private insurance industry defines enrollment. HHS has made up its own standard.
What? This Administration making up it's own standards of success? That's weird.

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