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Friday, December 20, 2013

Want to Homeschool in Ohio? I hope you've been deemed worthy.

Want to homeschool in Ohio? You'll get to as soon as you are approved as a-ok by government bureaucrats. You thought it was up to you? Oh silly subject, that's a ridiculous thing to think. Only the government is qualified to decide if you are homeschooling material.
It requires all parents who homeschool to undergo a social services investigation which would ultimately determine if homeschooling would be permitted. Social workers would have to interview parents and children separately, conduct background checks and determine whether homeschooling is recommended or not. If it is not recommended, parents would have to submit to an “intervention” before further consideration of their request to homeschool
The reasoning for attempting to pass this law is super simple. The government failed to do their job and protect a child from abuse. Abuse they were made aware of, did nothing to stop and the child died. So, their answer is to make more miserable failure of laws and take more of your rights away, further subjugating serfs to the masters, which will do nothing to stop abusers from killing children if the government isn't going to do the job they are already tasked with. It would seem there is no end to the things the government fails at, yet thinks that is there are just enough laws, they will some how succeed. This is false and losing our personal and parental rights will not make the children safer.

Soon you will have to make a choice. Either all children are property of the state, to control and raise as they see fit or children are members of the family unit, where imperfect parents will make mistakes and people who have no business raising kids do. There is no other way for this to go. As parental rights are eroded to make up for the failures of government, soon they will come for your children too.

It is going to be a very sad day when I say to my granddaughter, "I remember when we were free my dear."

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