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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Well, your glorious Net Neutrality Rules have been released......

I've just started reading through the 'Net Neutrality Rules" this morning and you know what's funny? All this BS and RIGHT IN THE FIRST SECTION I find this:
"Likewise, innovation at the edge moves forward unabated. For example, 2010 was the first year that the majority of Netflix customers received their video content via online streaming rather than via DVDs in red envelopes. Today, Netflix sends the most peak downstream traffic in North America of any company. Other innovative service providers have experienced extraordinary growth— Etsy reports that it has grown from $314 million in merchandise sales in 2010 to $1.35 billion in merchandise sales in 2013. And, just as importantly, new kinds of innovative businesses are busy being born. In the video space alone, in just the last sixth months, CBS and HBO have announced new plans for streaming their content free of cable subscriptions; DISH has launched a new package of channels that includes ESPN, and Sony is not far behind; and Discovery Communications founder John Hendricks has announced a new over-the-top service providing bandwidth-intensive programming. This year, Amazon took home two Golden Globes for its new series “Transparent.”
Hmmm, all that before Net Neutrality and government interference.......what are they protecting against again????? It's so funny that in their own paper they tout how the Internet has grown and been wildly successful and in the same breath talk about how the government must step in. Yep, if you wanna ruin something, get the government involved.

More to come.......

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