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Michelle Moore is a political activist, sometimes radio host, blogger and original founding leader of Smart Girl Politics and St. Louis Tea Party. Michelle can be heard Thursday mornings hosting "The Patriot Enclave" with Brian Nieves on 1350 AM and was the only female fill-in ever for The Dana Show on 97.1 News Talk. Michelle has appeared on "Fox and Friends" and "America's Newsroom", both on Fox News Network and "The Dylan Ratigan Show" on MSNBC. Michelle blogs at ATraditionalLifeLived.com often expressing herself in a brash, direct way. She has been called a bully and a meanie, both of which are probably true. When Michelle is not stirring it up, she is a professional geek and mother to two teenage daughters.

Radio-The Patriot Enclave every Thursday

Interview-Robert McDowell a Chairman from the FCC Part 1

Interview Robert McDowell a Chairman from the FCC Part 2

Fox News-America's Newroom 9/6/2010

Documentary-"Fire from the Heartland"

Speech-St. Louis 9/12 Tea Party Rally

Michelle Moore asks Stephen Baldwin at CPAC 2010 to come to the Smart Girl Politics Reception.