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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

People I Want to Punch in the Face

I have decided to try something different for today. Depending on response and how I feel about it I am going to start a new weekly event on my site: People I Want to Punch in the Face. This event is inspired by a short Twitter exchange I had with a Twitter-friend yesterday (that's right @ronno971, looking right at you) and by other Twitter users who do certain posts on certain days. I won't name you because I don't want you to be associated with my meanness-even though it is only in jest.

Please keep in mind I will not actually track any of these people down and punch them in the face-however there are so many things going on in the news right now that I think it will be a good stress reliever for me. I also encourage people to add their own people to the list. It is just a little fun and if it makes you mad and you want to add ME to the list I will not post your comment. You can just start your own Wednesday: People I want to Punch in the Face list-OK? OK!

Here we go:

People I Want to Punch in the Face

This lady, (if you can call her that): who wants to take a simple White house tradition of putting up a super nice tree in some room in the White House, decorating it with special ornaments and screw it up with some STUPID political statement. Look you idiot, go protest on your own time. If you didn't want to participate, all you had to do was decline the invitation. In addition, I'm going to punch you a second time because of the AWFUL shirt and get a REAL haircut. Go away. Now. Seriously. 2 punches.

The auto industry. Now they want more money to fund their crap plan. Get a better plan and maybe I will stop wanting to punch you in the face. I doubt it but, maybe. I love my GMC, I would not trade it for anything. It is best car I have ever owned BUT I will not buy another car from you until you get your heads out of your butts. 1 punch

Al Franken, I can't STAND this guy. He and Deborah Lawrence (see punchee #1) should probably make nice to each other. A match made in heaven. Please stop pulling "new discovered" ballots out of your car, the air, and your imagination. Accept defeat. You are a mockery and you are making a mockery out of the very American way of VOTING for what we want in this country. Go home Stuart Smalley-you're not good enough, or smart enough and we don't like you. 3 punches

Nancy Pelosi. I would like to punch her in the face 5 or 6 times. I dislike her more than anyone else I can think of right now. Not only she is the worst Speaker of the House ever with her divisive politicking, but she is a complete and total waste of air. 5 punches

OK that is it for this Wednesday. Keep watch next Wednesday and see who I would like to punch by then. I think maybe OPEC will be there. Probably Harry Reid too-I can smell him from here.

"I'm not mean, you're just a sissy." Happy Bunny


  1. LOL I wouldn't even call Nancy Pelosi a "lady". That's a HUGE stretch of the word. Great list so far!

    ~Michelle aka beartwinsmom on twitter

  2. I love it!

    You should make this like a Wordless Wednesday type dealo with a Mister Linky...Could be the hottest new thing in the conservative blogosphere since #TCOT. :)