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Monday, November 8, 2010

Bill Press claims stimulus created (or saved) 3.2 BILLION jobs-thats all the jobs in the world.

Unfortunately Bill Press is an idiot. In the below clip from this weekends edition of "The McLaughlin Group" Press tries to talk over Monica Crowley who is making the point that all that stimulus spending did nothing to help the country. Funny enough though, Bill gets so caught up in his own euphoria of lies about this Administration-not only are his assertions completely false, but if he believes those numbers then Obama created or saved every single job on the planet......

Ooo, sorry Bill there are only about 300 MILLION people in the United States and that includes every man, woman and child alive right now. Unless he saved all the jobs everywhere on the entire planet, your point is a blatant lie.

In addition, lets take a quick look at the actual employment numbers-Obama vs. Bush.
According to the BLS's Establishment Survey, there were 132.4 million nonfarm workers in America in January 2001. When Bush left office in January 2009, this number was 133.5 million - a 1.3 million increase.
As just released last Friday, this number is now 130.5 million - a 3 million decrease since Obama was inaugurated.
According to the BLS's Household Survey, there were 137.8 million total workers in January 2001. This number was 142.2 million in January 2009, a 4.4 million increase.
As just released last Friday, this number is now 139.1 million - a 3.1 million decrease since Obama was inaugurated.
As such, depending on which survey you look at, Bush's job creation in his eight years was either 1.3 million or 4.4 million. Both surveys show job losses under Obama at basically 3 million.

So it would seem, even if Press meant to say MILLION he would still be completely WRONG and INACCURATE in is assessment of the spendulous.

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