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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Face Punch Wednesday

Chris Matthews-Paul Ryan was on Hardball this week being grilled by Chris Matthews on what Republicans would do to help the economy. First, Chris said that Paul Ryans suggestion to cut $4.8 trillion out of the budget was only going to amount to one-three hundredth of the deficit......uh, does Chris own a calculator? Then when Ryan was able to give specifics and actually name things he would cut from the budget, Chris says this: "OK. Congressman Crowley, I still don`t see any cuts in entitlements there. But go ahead." He didn't ask for cuts in entitlements, he asked for deficit reduction. For not being smart enough to fool a paper-bag into carrying a sandwich 6 punches.

Al Franken-Al is afraid of Darrell Issa. "Darrell Issa is planning to double his staff," Franken said, "and embark on a witch hunt in hopes of bringing down the Obama administration." Apparently Franken is not aware that A) when the minority in power becomes the majority, they always double their staff while the losers half theirs and B) Issa is the ranking Republican on the House Committee on OVERSIGHT and Government Reform......which would indicate it is his JOB to have oversight over what the government is doing. Al Franken couldn't possibly be a bigger douche bag. This is what you get when felons are allowed to pick who will be in the Senate. For not understanding the difference between a witch hunt and someones JOB 8 punches.

Susan Jacoby-Susan Jacoby, writer for the Washington Post, took on the intelligence of the American people this weekend. More specifically she took on the intelligence of people who believe in the sanctity of life and their desire to protect it, claiming "That this representative of pure ignorance, retrograde religion, and class envy is being taken seriously at all speaks volumes about the dumbing down of America." She attacked Sarah Palin and her daughter because they chose NOT to have abortions; apparently this offends Ms. Jacoby beyond all reason. How dare they make a choice and that that choice was to keep their babies, not kill them. I thought PRO-ABORTIONISTS believed in choice, but it seems not. It seems they only believe in abortion. It's really too bad Ms. Jacoby's mother didn't exercise her right to have an abortion-10 punches.

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